'Trick' Products for Rehabbing Mobile Homes

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We have got a few old formica kitchen countertops to deal with. We were thinking of replacing them with new formica countertops, but just discovered Rustoleum’s ‘Transformations’ product (http://countertops.rustoleumtransformations.com) which seems to make them look good as new by re-flecking and re-painting them.

Has anyone any experience with this product? Are there other unique ‘trick’ products like this (or paint, hardware, flooring, exteriors, etc.) that you use to rehab your homes without actually replacing worn parts? I’m interested in learning tips that are not the obvious ‘just buy a new one of those and install it’ solutions.

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I have used this product before and it actually works pretty well. It makes countertops look pretty much brand new and as long as it is done properly it lasts a solid 3+ years.

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