I’m getting ready to expand our community next month and will be wanting to plant some trees on the lots. Our community currently has tons of sycamore trees - to the point they completely block all sunlight and it can be difficult to grow grass. I think so many trees to be a bit excessive, and frankly sycamores drop so many and such large leaves it is a pain for tenants (or us!) to rake them up.

Any suggestions on what sorts of lower-maintenance trees to plant and how many per lot or per acre? We are in Oklahoma, so we definitely get four seasons. And/or any other thoughts on landscaping in general that looks nice and is low maintenance?

Many thanks,


Jefferson, I doubt that you will agree with me, but I wouldn’t have a tree close enough to ever fall on the house or have its leaves get in the yard.

They are nothing but trouble and expense to you, and while people may tell you how important trees are to them - they will move out due to the problems that trees create - and people certainly won’t pay you any more for having trees.

Think - Bulldozer!