Trees and tree damage

I own my home in the community. The park owners have had dangerous trees for years. When i moved in i told the management to do something with them. They are hanging over my home.

A storm came through and the trees have fell on many different home in the community including mine. This could have been avoided if the trees were properly maintained.

Before the storm came through the park management hired a tree company to maintain the trees.

The day the company was here a big storm came thru and damaged many homes.

Is the park responsible for the tree that have damaged these homes?

We are in Iowa…
This was the Derecho in Iowa

Should I talk to a attorney?

Per my insurance company if a tree has broken branches hanging over a home and the Park has been notified, then the Park would be responsible. Otherwise, NO. The Dericho in Iowa had 112+mph winds, keeping the trees trimmed would not have prevented the damage it caused. Severe damage! An attorney would be a waste of money.[except to the atty]

I have this issue on a park I own where there are a lot of trees. If the tree is dead or broken limbs and result in damage to a home or injury the park owner can be held liable, otherwise, a fallen tree is considered an act of God.