Tree branch hanging over property boundaries

Hi all, the property next door to my park has a large tree, and the tree has a large, dead branch hanging over the fence and over one of our trailers.  Is this our responsibility to take care of, or can we make the owners of the lot next door do it?In all reality, even if it is their responsibility, it seems like it would be easier to just take care of it ourselves than try to get the shopping center to do it.

The correct thing to do, in terms of being a good neighbor, is to talk to the property owner or property manager first. If the leases are triple net then the store(s) are reponsible for it, otherwise the property owner or his manager is responsible. Either way, they should remove it promptly since it’s an obvious threat to one of your tenants. However, if it were me, I would secure their blessing first, being a good neighbor, then either remove it myself or hire some to remove it, depending on how big it is. Either way, it is a life and property issue so it needs to be handled properly and promptly. Please note that a big limb may take 3 or 4 cuts to get it down safely with a final cut flush with the trunk.

Jim Allen