Tree branch fell on tenants car

Tree limb damaged tenant’s car. Is it typical practice for park owner to pay the deductible? Do you offer any concessions?

What I personally do and what I’ve been told is if the limb was alive it’s an act of god and not the park owners responsibility. If the branch is dead then the park owner should have had it removed before it fell and it is your responsibility.


Totally accurate! This is tenants insurance to cover. Dont have it? Oh well.

Great example of 'how much do you value your landlord/tenant relationships? You can explain it 100 different ways about whether the tree was alive or dead… and you will still be looked at with disdain. I would explain it to them and then pay it as a courtesy. That’s just me though…


My thoughts exactly. It’s the way I’ve done it in the past but was curious if I was being “too nice”

So if a tree totals their car or lands on the MH you guys would step in and pay for it? Ok.

I’m with @JAY-E… This is why insurance exists, tell them to file a claim and that’s that. I parked my car on a street last year and had a branch fall in it, my town certainly didn’t offer any help.

Fir heavens sake no… We’re just talking the deductible here. But then again I haven’t had a vacancy or a late payment in over three years. It’s customer service.

Here is what I would do as long as the customer is a decent and reasonable individual. I have 20+ years in the mhp biz.

  1. Talk to the tenant and pay for the damage.

  2. Trim and/or remove the trees throughout your park. We remove most trees that have potential to do this kind of damage. Once you get on top of trees, this stuff doesn’t happen much.

  3. Likely get a loyal customer for years to come.

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If the tree limb was dead or damaged, BEFORE it fell, then as owner of land, you were required to take care of the property, keep it well-kept, safe, etc. It is on you. If the limb just got blown down in a storm, but it was perfectly healthy, then not your fault.

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You need to be careful when offering help; it can be considered an admission of guilt. If you are liable, then your insurance will cover it. They will call their insurance company and submit a claim; if their insurance believes the park has any liability, their insurance carrier will contact the park to get your insurance information.

Another reason to be careful is the rumor mill. If word gets out that you helped out Space #1, then get ready for all the open hands looking for some money. For example, “A tree fell last year on my shed. Where’s my money?”


Agree, paying their deductible could turn into a precedent that could multiply.

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Since buying this park in 2019, I have had a total of two insurance claims for tree limb damage (both cars). Not quite enough to be considered a conspiracy. There are a lot of tall cottonwood trees in the park and they provide valuable shade in the 100 degree heat June-Sept. Tree trimming is ongoing but limited to obviously dead limbs. When it gets windy we do lose some branches but are quickly removed by my crew. I believe most tenants are willing to accept that risk for the 15-20 degrees of cooling they experience in the desert heat.

I only trim trees one time… to the ground…