Trash pickup road wear and tear

Hi MHUers,

What is better or worse for the park roads, a dumpster in the middle of the park or poly cart service. Probably could move the dumpsters to the front of the park, but then people have to walk further and have to protect against people driving by dumping their trash in it.

Thanks for your input!

Ask the garbage collection company if they have smaller vehicles that they can send down private roads. We did and the company does have small service trucks. We requested that they only send those small trucks, (empty) when servicing our community. They agreed to do so and has worked out well.

What kind of roads are we talking about? Any idea on how well they are constructed (e.g. how thick is the bed of gravel or asphalt)? What kind of route is the truck taking through the park - is it a simple three point turnaround or are they doing a full circle through the entire park? These trucks run on a regular schedule and are typically the same weight by the time they get to your property - do you know if it’s towards the beginning or end of their run? If it’s the end they are very heavy and increases the wear and tear on the road.

All of these things help make an informed decision.