Trash and junk - how do you handle it?

How do you handle it when a tenant has trash or junk on their lot and doesn’t remove it? I’m talking the usual stuff - paint cans, plastic containers, broken lawn mower, left over siding etc. We give can give them notice that if they don’t pick up, we will and charge them $50. Send them a bill and they don’t pay. They figure we won’t evict them for $50 and lose a $250 rent which they are paying. Same thing with grass. If you mow it, and they don’t pay, do you evict over a $25 mowing charge?

Dave, I know you are going to say don’t be too picky. I’m not. In fact, the state gave notice of violation for some lots even though not one lot had appliances, furniture or abandoned vehicles and were fine by my standards.

I would love to hear some thoughts on this topic. I have the same problem with many tenants lots being used to store junk, also have older homes that need repairs to decks, rotting door trim, broken windows, and so on. What do you do after you send a violation notice and nothing happens?

We do a letter and we always include a picture ( or multiple pictures preferred ) stating the violation and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Depending on the nature of the situation, we may reference the rules or send a copy of those highlighted as well. Then we move onto the second notice which states there will be a fine if its not remedied, and then the 3rd one is a fine. We have not gotten to the point of the issue not being remedied by the tenants using the system. ( i.e. subsequent letters will have updated pictures because thats how we track if an issue is not resolved by say a weekly walk through ). We would typically also translate it into spanish via google translate and include that copy ( as well)

I’ve had success by simply enforcing the rules and following through with the punishment if they don’t correct the issue; by either making the tenant pay the fine/cover my mgmt cost for me to fix the issue or evict the for not paying the fine or my cost. Once you issue a non renewal of lease because they haven’t followed the rules the tenant will understand that you are serious. You have to be prepared to let them go - other tenants will hear about it as well and learn that you are serious about everyone following the rules; even the minor ones. I’m currently evicting a tenant because he is running a business, which is against park rules. He is noisy (repairs motorcycles) and we’ve received many complaints and have pictures of him in action - he has denied denied denied that he is doing it. I left him a voice message about his actions many times. I finally told him we won’t be renewing his lease and sent a 30 day non-renewal of lease… he then sent a letter saying he’d stop. I’m still evicting.

Your decision depends on the quality of community you wish to own. Most tenants that do not maintaine their lots care nothing about others. If you care about your community and your tenants you inforce basic community standards.
I have very clear community rules regarding tenants responsibility to maintain there lot to a community standard. I do not have fines, I give notice and if they do not comply I begin the eviction process. 9 times in 10 they toe the line the other 1 is evicted and is a example to the community.
I do not have POHs so I don’t care if a tenant leaves as the homes in my community are of significant value and tenants will sell them as opposed to abandon.
If it is a tenant in a POH then ultimately it is the park owner that is responsible for maintaining their lot.