Transporting Trailers

I’m having difficulty filling in a park in SW Michigan due to the lack of used trailers available for sale within a 100 mile radius. What is the maximum distance a used 1980’s or 90’s trailer can be transported without damage to the structure or contents?

Something that can go 100 miles should be able to go another 100 without much additional wear and tear. The movers will let you know if they have concerns based on what they see, in which case it probably wouldn’t make it 100 miles anyway.

If you’re grabbing one from out of state then the mover may need to be licensed in both states to make it happen. Also consider the wind and load requirements of the home to ensure that the origination state’s requirements also meet the destination states’ requirements (e.g. Illinois to Michigan).

In short, source in-state if possible as there are fewer strings attached.

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My park is in West Michigan and the used market is so tight with prices so high it’s starting to make me shift more into new homes. They’re more expensive, but they look good and I don’t have to worry about the furnace, roof, water heater, plumbing, etc going out a few years after purchase. Buying used homes is time consuming too, and weird stuff tends to happen. I recently purchased a 1990s home in Detroit and the frame was so rusted out it couldn’t be moved, which was a wasted trip for the movers and a headache to get refunded.

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This month we have two new tenants bring in new homes. We found used homes 10 years ago more reasonable but found we spent lots of time with transporters, upgrades of homes skirting, electrical and than trying to sell, etc. and believe our time is more wisely used finding new tenants and let them deal with the issues. Five years ago we bought new homes but also found the time to find a new owner could be troublesome. Again we are owner-operators and the word is out to dealers and through Craig’s list we like new homes and have recently offered no deals!! Very familiar with SW Mich. and lived near Bangor on Silver lake and the demographics can be a challenge…

@joematyk hey joe matyk will you please give me a call when you have a chance please i would like to talk to you about a couple things. I am going through the due diligence phase of a park in michigan, maybe we could team up and get some volume rates. im looking to fill up a park as well… hope to hear from you soon 989-313-7829