"trailer park ghost town" look

I had a buddy walk through my park this week-end. Aside from repeating over and over again how glad he was that he had decided not to enter the business, he didn’t say much - not a good sign. Took a while to pull his thoughts out but his impression of my place is that it looks like a trailer park ghost town. There are too many empty spaces, not enough “nice” homes and he cannot visualize how the landscaping will look when it grows in. Bringing in nice homes little by little but that can only happen as fast as I can sell them and while I know the trees and shrubs will eventually make the place look like a park, apparently no-one else can visualize such a thing. So my dilemma is what to do right now. Anyone know a way to make a park full of empty spaces look appealing or is that the impossible dream?

I have to say that the homes that are in the park vary from early 70s to early 2000s and people keep them and their yards in pretty decent condition. No non-operable vehicles or trash lying about. Grass is mowed and a couple of pads are being fixed up. Time and money are going into the park and it’s obvious to anyone driving through. People constantly tell me the place is totally different than the way it used to be. The quality of the people who respond to my ads has been steadily increasing and I have sold several homes this year. I hand out tons of applications to people but get almost none back. There are two abandoned homes in the park along with my storage trailer but one of them will be gone within the next two weeks.

Any ideas, no matter how crazy, are welcome.


Wheat Hill