Trailer owner on vacation comes home to trespassers stating they are tentants

How do i take them to civil court to get them out? I stopped paying lot fees since the police didnt help with the process. They said to take them to court for eviction. What do i do…ive been sick trying to deal with that. Im so confused and dont understand how to get my trailer back in wisconsin. They threw allot of my irreplaceable stuff outside and the people are even wearing my clothes. How long can they say its been abandoned to claim it? Im scared to know because i think they are professional con artist. Am i wasting my time trying because it gonna take allot out of me.

First thing you need to do is pay all your lot fees owing. Otherwise walk away. Your issue with the tresspassers is not the community owners problem. If you do not pay your fees you can/will be evicted.

If you want your home back you have to evict or operate on their level.
What I would do is find a relative or good friend (more that one person if possible) to sign a lease to rent the home. They then gain access/move into the home and change the locks. If the tresspassers call the police your tenants show the police their valid lease.


Funny how a leasee has more rights than the actual property owner.

Does the mobile home park require people to apply to live in the park, and undergo a background and credit check?

You might have some recourse there if they do, because they may have permitted these people to move in.

Usually con people don’t like to pay money out, so if you are not paying lot rent, they most likely are not either. Non payment of rent will cause the park to begin eviction proceedings, and they will evict everybody, including you.

If you invited or allowed these squatters to stay in your trailer, then you most likely will have to do a formal eviction.

If they somehow broke in and started living there, I would talk to law enforcement again, especially if you hold title and never entered into any agreement with these people. How did these people come to stay in the trailer? If you went away, were not paying lot rent, the park owner could argue that you abandoned the trailer. If you paid your lot rent all during this time, they can’t claim abandonment.

In Ohio, if a tenant fails to pay lot rent and park owner begins eviction on the trailer owner, they do not have to accept rent payments from you once the case has been filed with the court. But the park owner should have legally evicted you, or legally went through abandonment proceedings in order to rent your trailer out to someone else.

If you went on vacation and disappeared for a length of time and failed to pay your lot rent while you were gone, I could see how this happened.

Who holds title to the trailer?