Trailer owner gave keys to unemployed lady, 4 months lot rent unpaid

Montana help!
Hoping you have advice for a Mobile home tenant situation where lot rent has not been paid for four months. The trailer owner gave his trailer keys to a woman who has been residing in the trailer for four months. She is unemployed. The owner claims to have sold it to her, but also stated no money has been exchanged.
The owner has terminated all communication stating the trailer no longer belongs to him.
I have sent a seven day pay or quit notice, with no response.

Please help me with the exact steps to take to clarify this matter.

I am not sure if I should take the abandonment route, try to garnish wages which I heard is quite expensive, have the sheriff accompany me to trailer to evict a squatter or try a contract with this unemployed person who most likely will not pay lot rent.

I appreciate your willingness to help!


This is where you hire an attorney and evict.

When it comes to eviction attorneys are worth the $$

Let the eviction run it’s course. Deal with the home ownership after the tenant is evicted.

question ;do you have a lease with unemployed tenant if not then she would be a squatter and you can have sheriff remove her " less she can come up with a title to home " then you will have to have her evicted . or evict owners and take trailer for back rent and security . a good lawyer is priceless and the court house can also help in direction you can take " this is free "