Town wants lot numbers changed

The town wants us to renumber the lots in the park. Town says it is necessary for 911 and gps to locate homes. Over the years as lots have been added, removed and roads changed, some lot numbers are skipped; odd numbers are not always on the left. The numbers, with a couple of exceptions, are in sequence on a street.

I don’t want to change the lot numbers.

Utility records, utility billing, repair records, state agency inspections, tax documents, our accounting and more are all tied to lot numbers. Residents will have all their addresses changed, their bills, social security mailings, etc. A real aggravation for them as well trying to explain they haven’t moved but have a new address.

Obviously, the lot numbers and the 911 have been around for years. Why change now. They will be out of sequence again if a lot is added or removed.

I have offered to put up street signs which will reduce confusion. I have given a park map to emergency services and can put a map in the park, but I don’t want to change the lot numbers.

These are private roads not city streets. 44 sites.

Any advice on how to fight the town on this?