Topographic Survey

I currently have a 80-space park under contract. Park was built in the 70’ for 10-14’ x 50-60’ homes. City wouldn’t allow older homes to be moved in for replacement and most lots can’t take newer 16x80’ homes.

Surveyor came back and asked me if I wanted to do a topographic survey since there’s no proper “lot” boundary drawings. This would come in handy if a replacement is needed in the future, assuming two older homes right next to each other need to be replaced by one newer home).

My questions are,

  1. Would it be a deal breaker since most lots in the park can’t take new homes?

  2. Is a topographic survey needed in my situation? Surveyor is asking about $6000-$8000 for it in addition to a basic survey.

  3. What are the chances to replace an older home if I were planing to own the park for 4-5 years? Majority of homes were built before 1976 and cannot be moved.