Toledo and upper Ohio Market

Anyone have experience with the the Toledo Market and upper Ohio areas? My biggest concern is the crime.

I lived in Toledo briefly while turning around a property just north of the Ohio border - crime wouldn’t stop me from owning parks in Toledo - it’s going to depend on the park.

Born and raised in Toledo, but now living in Montana. I left Toledo about 12 years ago, but would not hesitate to look into a park in that market. Obviously crime can vary widely from different parts of town, but overall Toledo is a safe place. You have a large population of blue coller workers that are good family folks.

In all actuality I think the thing that might turn me of in Toledo would be the price of comparable housing and demand.

After the housing crash, Toledo real estate took a big hit like much of the country. There prices have come up, but there are still many places in Toledo where you can get a nice 2/3 bedroom home in a good area for under 70k-100k. Rents are also fairly low for apartments or homes and are not to difficult to come by.

Not trying to get to specific, but is there a certain area of Toledo you were wondering about? Might be able to give you a better idea.