TMHA convention in September

Who is going to the Texas MHA convention in Austin? I just signed up. Happy to host a meet up.

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Im not sure if I am going yet , Im hoping to get one of my inlaws to come help out with the kiddos if i go out of town. I will def be interested though .

For anyone who does not know:

These events are great all around for learning/ networking. And a couple years ago i think i ended up winning something like $500 in the raffle. Def worth your time.

Thanks Brandon for posting.

I plan to attend and would love to network!
Just booked it… hope to see you there!

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Ok plan to be there, hopefully will see some new faces and some familiar ones . And for those on the fence, the price for the day package goes up 100 on August 13th so keep that in mind when planning and booking :slight_smile:

Would, but already have plans that weekend. Will bookmark for next year.