Title Help

Long story short…

My boyfriend and his ex girlfriend (never married) bought a trailor together in 2011, around June. They broke up in Feb 2012 and she left… removing all her belongings and changing her address. Now its been almost a year and he is trying to get her off the title. She agreed to take a payoff of $750 (its what they paid for it and agreed to this in a time stamped email). The agreement was to meet at a notary public and everything. She is now refusing to accept any offer and telling him that she is going to force a sale on the trailer bc its its LAW in PA.

Ive been in real estate now for 7 years and am not familiar with the mobile home laws, but for some reason this does not sound right to me. Is there any kind of abandoment laws on the title and trailer. Or a statute of limitations of some sorts. I would like to get a lawyer (since she left without removing her name im sure he could win without having to pay her anything since he was left with all bills and lot rent plus replairs).

Can someone please help point me in the right direction.