Three or four questions: (long)


Richard and Greg have given you good, sound advice and analyzation on this deal. Don’t become a “motivated buyer”…that disease is often financially fatal.

Surely, you could beat the bushes and find something in your area that will be easier and less risky than this deal. Unless the seller works with you on the monthly debt service, you will be working for virtually nothing.

The first deal that you do in the mobile home park business will set the foundation for your future. I’ve seen too many people get burned out and/or go broke on their first deal because they wanted it so bad.

Answer to some of your questions:

  1. One of the CD’s you received with the course has a program that will automatically load on your computer when you put in the CD. It is called, “MHP Strategies”. This is where the MHP Analyzer is located.

  2. By logging in to the forum, your information is automatically loaded into the reply message so you don’t have to do it each time.

One last thing, could you please turn off the “caps lock” on your computer when posting? It is very hard to read your post with all caps.

Your posts are valuable and I’m sure everyone who visits this forum would like to read them in entirety.

Keep up the great work looking for a park. Who knows, this one might work if the terms and price are negotiated where you will be in a much safer position.