This is my first property - help!?

Hello - Frank the Tank here

First and foremost…I love this website. It is very cool and i’ve really enjoyed browsing it. I live in St. Louis, Missouri and am looking at investing in a mobile home park. I like what i’ve read and researched. I have a real estate license, but have never used it. Does having a license help or hurt me.

I want to find a property within driving distance of St. Louis. I wouldn’t want anything over a 2 hour drive. I want to develop some hands on experience and start very slow. I also want to start with a very small investment and once i feel comfortable start to looking for larger properties.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice and tips. Does anyone own a park in missouri? Does anyone know of a good missouri, regional or national organizations focused on mobile parks?

I have a couple of links to properties for sale below. I would be so appreciative if anyone had an interest in taking a look at these and giving some advise and feedback.

Frank he Tank