The Working Man

After reflecting on where I was not so long along, I had a flash back to a day I spent in an office making someone else rich that has affected where I am today… Keep doing the same thing this year that you did last year and you will obtain the same results. I hope this is your year for great success!

Repost from March 5th 2005:

This message is for those of you that are still sitting on the sidelines wondering if this whole thing will work, or if it


Thanks for the great post and challenge. It’s been over a year now since I gave up that JOB to spend the remaining life I have left letting my money and knowledge work for me, not an employer. Even though I’m busier than I’ve ever been, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it’s real. 2006 was truly a blessing for me and my family and I’m looking forward to 2007. My goals are set and now it’s time to make them happen.

For those of you still on the fence deciding whether “getting out of the comfort zone” is worth it, take my advice, jump off and just get after it as they say down here in Georgia. Your life will never be the same. And for those who are caught in the same trap as this gentleman described above, you owe it to yourself and family to understand how to make money work for you instead of working for it every day. It’s easy once you learn how. Just take the knowledge many have imparted to us like Lonnie, Ernest, Dyches and others and put it into ACTION. May 2007 be the year your life changes forever.