The suspense is Killing me

How was the cruise, y’all??


I am curious also. I’m sure it was a fantastic time. How motivated are you after all that rejuvination. I was crawling around under a home for most of the last 2 weeks. Oh yeah, it was like 20 out also. But I’m not complaining it smelled like money under there the whole time.

I will need to keep this short due to an appointment, but I will try to give you a short overview, I thought the cruise was great the speakers were excellant Jack Miller and Peter Fortunado were outstanding in their abilities as transactional engineers and their presentation of these concepts and deals they’ve done. Steve and Corey did a great job as always and Blake Donaldson did a very informative presentation on managing from a far. The evening question and answer sessions were great as well and usually ran over their scheduled time.

One of best parts was that once you were on the ship everything you needed or wanted was there at your fingertips, food and lodging, entertainment, shopping, clubs, piano bars, fine dining, 3 pools, a waterslide and all of it was was just a short walk from your room.

Of course visiting the 3 Islands, shopping, tours and the beautiful beaches weren’t bad either. I would definately do it again, in my opinion it was awesome, if you missed it this time around you don’t miss the next one!!

Cruises are a place for people, not places. When I sign up for the cruise, my intent is to visit with those on board. I don’t even ask were we are going. Not everyone will share this thought, but it works for me. My intent was to meet more people, talk about concepts, ideas and share knowledge.

I met people from NC (where I plan to move to) and discussed with them the area, good and bad and the weather. LOL

I saw old friends, who I actually had time to visit with and review concepts with and listen to where they are in their quests.

The park owners were gracious with their time and knowledge, Steve and I discussed RV’s and the pro’s and con’s of them in a park.

The food was wonderful as always.

The weather was awful the first 3 days - Storm OLGA hit us (cat1) and we all learned how uncomfortable the beds were.

The islands are as islands are, tourists traps. They were pretty and many of us took our own cabs and drove around, instead of taking the ones from the ship at twice the cost. ( I will be happy to share my “pretty pictures” anytime).

The speakers were wonderful. It is amazing how many great concepts were presented that are new or old ones with a little twist make them like new.

There was an exchange of knowledge after the classes on the Lido deck with Pete. He stayed there from 9pm to the wee hours in the morning (when the last person left) to answer questions and discuss ideas. Pete never stops giving.

I am anxious to learn if anyone has purchased the software Blake mentioned about Craigs list. Please let me know if it is working for you. I was considering it. This software places ads for you on Craigs list and makes them unique. From what I understood, it will do it for you automatically.

And more and more and more…

The only part I would rather change, is the time. Going in December is hard for those of us who have holiday shopping and packing to accomplish.

Otherwise, it was great. Everyone should try it!