The Power of Networking

The weekend of Mobile Home Millions 6 is fast approaching and with it comes a great opportunity for those of you who will be in attendance. There is an almost unspoken opportunity awaiting you at Mobile Home Millions 6, it

Great post Fred! Cya in a month, Karl

Fred, You are definitely a great inspiration. Corey spoke at our real estate club meeting and he told us all about you. It is incredible to see what you have been able to do in 4-5 years. You are definitely an inspiration. After I learned about you at our real estate club meeting I downloaded your teleseminar and read your blogs. You are very giving with your knowledge.

I am definitely going to be at MHM6 and hope to buy you breakfast or lunch. I would like to learn more about how you went from Costco Manager (by the way it seems like you have been manager of almost every department at Costco) to owning 2 mobile home parks and so many Lonnie Deals.

See you in Austin.


Bill, You will have to ask Fred about all of his management jobs that he held at Costco! lol

The networking is priceless! One of the critical factors for success that I have seen is developing a strong network of people in the mobile home/mobile home park industry.

It is very easy to feel like an island when you are back at home as not many people are chasing MH/MHP’s compared to single family residences or apartments.

As Fred detailed in his post above he is an amazing student of the business and has worked extremely hard. However I think what has catapulted his success is the strong network that he has created by attending Mobile Home Millions, etc. Fred fast tracked his success with Lonnie Deals by networking, then bought his first MHP (185 spaces) as a direct result of networking and then just became a co-owner of a 400 space MHP in Georgia by networking!

Take it from Fred! Networking is critical!