The inevitable happened

I’ve been doing “Lonnie” deals for about a year now, and I’ve been using a pool of investors and charging commissions, and I’ve done around thirty five deals. This is now what I do for a living. During this time, I’ve talked to and taken applications for hundreds of people looking to move into one of my mobile homes. Well, I guess the inevitable happened. Saturday I sold one of my latest homes to a woman and her fiancee Jack. We signed all of the paperwork Saturday morning and I collected her down payment. She is getting married soon, but since she is not married yet, she asked if she should sign using her maiden name. I told her that was fine. What was her maiden name, you ask?

Lani (short for Lalani, pronounced Lonnie)


I now have a mobile home tenant named Lani Scruggs!

I thought you guys would get a kick out of that!

LOL…I wonder if her policy is the same as Lonnie’s… “never let the mailman pass by your house without dropping off a check”.


I certainly hope so, but I’ll be happy as long as one of those days, the mailman is picking one up…