The age of the trailer park

How old is old? What is an older trailer park? How old is older?


With mine, the city services were developed 27 years ago, inside the city limits, in compliance with the city’s zoning laws in an ordinance adopted for house trailer parks designation in 1978. Is my park old in the eyes of the mobile home parks industry? (Who are the eyes and ears of our industry, if not us?)


How old is your park?

one is essentially new with new water/sewer/elect.

Two are old one was built in the early 60’s the other in the late 60’s neither one was built to any real spec.


How old is old? Think of the trailers built in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Which ones meet minimum standards? Which ones are more efficient, which ones have modern materials and methods used?

I judge a park’s obsolescence by its layout (concentration of pads per acre) and its water and sewage/septic system. Most parks built before the '70s had clay, orangeburg, or iron sewer pipes and galvanized water lines… The decade of the 70s plumbing methods were in transition to PVC. Your park was built/upgraded in the early '80s so it is likely to have PVC water and sewer lines. City sewer is best because you don’t have to upgrade your sewer plant every time a new environmental law or code is passed.