Thanks to all

Joanne & I want to thank everyone for a great time. And a special thanks to Greg & Karl for making it all possible. What a great bunch of memories for our

Good one!!!

See you in San Diego!



I think of you every single day (when the mail comes, of course). Thank you again for all you have done for us.

See you in Sunny San Diego!


I wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful information that was presented at MOM! There was no way for me to anticipate what I was going to learn while I was there; but you guys greatly surpassed my expectations.

Lonnie you are an amazing human being. I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and open to talking to a ‘Newbie’ like myself. The wealth of information at this event was like nothing I could have dreamed of. Thanks Greg for setting this event up for all of us! I will definitely remember that weekend for the rest of my life. It is the weekend where I finally made a move in my life towards my freedom (Thanks to Ryan, Debbie and Art – You guys are awesome!!)

I also wanted to thank all the people I met that encouraged me and help me to realize that I have the means to GOTC now and that I need to NIKE (Just Do It!) Anne, Tye, Lyn, Karen, John, Dan and everybody else whose name I did not mention because I am too excited at the moment! Thank you all and when we become free, we will attribute it to this weekend.

Lonnie, let me know where you want me to send that money! You are awesome and my wife and I appreciate you soooooo much.

Thanks everyone!!! Be blessed.


Richard “Soon to be free” Dowdy