Thanks for Boot Camp

Can’t thank Frank and the team enough for starting Mobile Home Boot Camp. I attended Boot Camp in Columbus Ohio and so excited about the over whelming amount of information given. Not being one to just jump in, head first, into unknown waters, this Boot Camp gave me a bit more confidence about actually “pulling the trigger” on a park deal. After having actually attending boot camp in serving my country, I knew the info was going to be intense and a considerable amount to process, however, if any one out there wants to be a part of an extremely prosperous venture, I implore you to go to Boot Camp before you decide to jump in. It’s never a wise thing to jump head first into unknown waters without first doing your “due diligence” - as you never know what you’re diving in to.

Thanks so much to Frank and Dave and all of the rest of the behind the scenes team for putting it all together. Couldn’t do it well without you!!!


a.k.a. victor

Thank you very much for the kind words concerning Boot Camp. We put a huge amount of effort into each one, and it’s always good to hear that the material was of interest. One unique feature of Columbus was the spectacular weather that we lucked into – plus the phenomenal japanese steak house next door.

Thanks again for attending! Don’t be a stranger – start getting me those deals to review and call in on Wednesdays!

Hi Victor,

I agree that it was an Informative BootCamp! Met some great fellow MHP Investors

I loved the Bus Tour very much…to see the variety of Parks out there helped develop a strategy going forward. Some Rehab!

I’m ready to “Get-er-Done”!

Having a Deal Review Platform to use as a resource…is much better than just “Walking the Plank!”

Good Luck!

Thanks Frank for sharing your passion and knowledge!

Thanks, John. It really was a great mix of parks. Columbus shocked everyone by its great weather and upscale environment. We’ve always respected it as a great park market, as we own a park there and it does extremely well.

I’m ready to evaluate any deal that you’re ready to show me, and thanks again.