Thank you! The MHM 5 recap!

I have had 24 hours to reflect upon Mobile Home Millions 5 and am still pinching myself. Mobile Home Millions 5 was nothing short of AMAZING. Everything came together so beautifully that Steve and I could not ask for anything more. It is definitely 3 days that I will never forget!

Lonnie Scruggs is just one AMAZING person. Last year I was able to meet Jim Clayton and get to know him personally when he was at MHM 4 and was simply in awe of a person that has down so much, so humble and has given so much back to others. Lonnie Scruggs is equally as impressive. There are very few people that have had the impact on others that Lonnie has had. At times this weekend I think Lonnie was even amazed at how many people’s lives he has touched as well. I am still in awe of how one person can change so many lives!

Mobile Home Millions 5 was a tribute to Lonnie and everything he has down to help others. I hope that we all carry on the spirit that Lonnie has created and help others to reach their goals. It definitely feels so good to see how you can have such a profound effect on others.

The speaker line-up for MHM 5 was stellar. Every speaker is an investor of mobile homes and/or mobile home parks. They walk the talk! I could not have been more proud of all the speakers and the way that they gave it their all and was accessible to all the attendees ALL weekend! They really went all out!

The MHM 5 attendees were nothing short of AMAZING! The excitement, energy and thirst for knowledge was just awesome. I do not know of any better pool of investors than mobile home/mobile home park investors. MH/MHP investors are so willing to help others and share information. We have the best investors by far!

There were so many relationships created and nurtured this weekend. We even had several people find their “Join Venture Soulmate”! The relationships (both business and personal) created this weekend will be lasting for many years to come.

Steve and I were exceptionally proud of how far the Platinum Club has come along. We had a session for dinner on Friday night. We had 70 previous bootcamp students along with all of the MHM 5 speakers/industry experts in one room. We went around the room talking about all of the successes. In addition, the Platinum Club members were able to ask the speakers all of their questions behind closed doors. The Platinum Club has become an inner family of MHU and a great support network to ensure that people realize their dreams.

Steve and I want to make sure people realize their dreams. There are some investors that will attend a bootcamp and within a week lose all of the excitment and focus of being financially independent through mobile homes/mobile home parks. Steve and I have created the Platinum Club to ensure that we stay connected (the Platinum Club is absolutely FREE for all bootcamp students). We also offer students to re-attend the bootcamp for FREE. We want to make sure that people realize their goals and dreams! :slight_smile:

I now know how much pre-planning and work it takes to put on a 500 person event! The planning for MHM 5 started back in September and has taken a sizeable staff to make sure that no detail was overlooked. My brother Blake is the one behind the event and works non-stop on making what it is today. I think he got 10 hours of sleep all weekend!

Mobile Home Millions 5 will certainly be an event that everybody will be talking about for years. It is one of those great events that I will remember forever. There was magic in the room for three days. I hope that each person focuses on their goals of financial freedom. If there is anything that we can do let us know. Drop us an email.

I can’t wait to see everybody next year at Mobile Home Millions 6!


I now realize that it is not a great event unless you lose your voice. I was having so much fun and talking to so many great people that my voice gave out after the first day!


Thanks to you, Blake, Steve, Lonnie, Dykes and all the other industry greats for such a well run event.

As a an Army Guy getting ready to move onto another career, what you guys have taught me this weekend has changed my life and given me a heck of a lot of confidence about moving into the civilian world and more importantly, financial freedom.

You guys are total professionals and I salute you,


Scott Mann

Corey, et al:

You guys did a hell of a job.

Aside from everything I learned and all the people I met, MHM 5 benefited me in another way. The gory details are being straightened out right now, but just by bringing together certain people in the same place and at the same time saved me many, many thousands of dollars on the park I am buying. I do not think things would have worked out so well had everyone not been in the same place and in a mood to get things done.

Can’t thank all of you enough and I hope you find the energy to do this again.



Great event this year and thanks to all the speakers. Do you have any idea where MHM 6 will be next year?


Thanks for the great feedback. We think it might be in Knoxville, Tennessee… the home of … Jim Clayton! Stay tuned for details! :slight_smile:


Corey, Blake, Steve et al,

It was a terrific weekend. Gayle and I stayed over Monday to review notes, discuss the next step, and started working on goals for 07. We left SD on Tuesday driving back home. On our way we looked at five potential properties. I also called a realtor friend of mine in Las Vegas and told her what we are looking for. Needless to say your seminar spurred positive action. Another broker is getting financials on an additional three parks. This Thursday I will distribute an investor flyer at our RE investment club. I will need them in the pipeline early on.

We can’t thank all of you enough!

I want to personally thank everyone who attended MHM V. It wouldn’t have been such a great success without the energy generated from everyone there.

I’ve received dozens of email from attendees who are already making something happen. Don’t let the fire die down, make a change in your life this year and join the ranks of the financially free. Lonnie is certainly an inspiration to us all and now there are two of him! LOL