Thank-you Greg, MOMVI folks!

Many thanks to Greg Meade and everyone who made MOMVI a success including all the attendees.

This was our first event since joining the ranks of MHP owners in 2006.

Everyone who spoke brought some specific insight to the business of MH’s.

Special thanks to Lonnie, Karl, Steve, Ryan, Daphne, Anne and others for sharing a wealth of knowledge and practical application.

We received several answers to specific questions we had concerning entity structuring, lease-options and deal financing, not to mention the broad spectrum of information we received that we didn’t know we didn’t know (I think Karl called it unconsciously ignorant or something like that).

My wife and I were especially impressed at what a caring and close group of people everyone seemed to be; a real community.

The respect shown to Lonnie as a father-figure to not just the industry, but also the many he has personnally mentored, speaks volumes.

Thanks to all the new friends we’ve made and looking forward to seeing everyone soon at another event.