Texas tenant eviction problems

Anyone ever have an experience like this or any good advise? We had taken a tenant to court that was 2 months behind in rent and water payments. Of course by the time of the hearing it was close to three months behind on all payments. The park manager followed the law and was under the supervision of our attorney with the whole process, and the Justice of the Peace ruled in our favor for the eviction. However, the JP has given the tenant 60 more days to pay or leave the mobile home park. We can not get a Writ of Possession before the 60 days are up. So the tenant gets 5 months rent free, and what is just as bad is the wasting of water by the tenant. The lots are sub-metered and this tenant uses/wastes over $100/month in water, which the law says we can not shut off. I am afraid that other tenants will get the idea that they can skate on the last 5 months if they have plans to leave too.