Texas Public Water Source Well Questions

I need lots of help with water questions. I am thinking of starting a mobile home park in Texas that has 2 current wells on 20 acres but both wells are not completed to meet public water source requirements so I need to drill a new well or two.

My question is how do you calculate how many homes can be serviced by a well? Is there a gallons per minute per home number?

Also I know that after the well is drilled and completed I will need to test the water to determine what water treatment requirements I will need to install and those questions and costs can not be determined before the well is tested but does anyone know what the costs are to operate a Public Water Well in Texas?

What is the typical size and depth of waterlines buried to supply each home. I am planning on renting a ditcher and doing the water and power lines install myself but a friend said it would be cheaper to use a horizontal boring machine company. This is West Texas so I am not worried about landscaping issues because the 20 acres are pasture land.

I have been reading this forum and thinking about ordering the Home Study Course but do not know if development questions like these would be addressed.

Thanks for your time and input.