Texas Dealer License.. when necessary?

Hello All. I’ve done a couple Lonnie Deals in the last year or so.

I was told once by someone , but can’t recall if they said 2, 3 or ?

How many moblile home(Lonnie Deals) can I do per year in Texas without a Dealer’s License. I would like to do 4-6 a year for now.

Also, can I place some in my business name or will they all count the same under my name?

Really enjoy the forum!



Ok I have my RBI Licentiate and the answer to your question is this.

If you retail sale, then you need a license. If you sell owner finance, Rent to own you do not. This issue was taken to court not to long ago.

As long as you have the deed I would not worry about it.

After all you can buy a mobile Home, your wife, Your kids, Each of your businesses, etc etc. All you need is a Power of Attorney.

I just got my license as I do retail 1 out every 3 I buy.