Texas abandoned RV

Anyone dealt with an abandoned RV before? I did some looking and sounds like the police are to take care of it. I called local city, they referred us to county and county advised us to contact a local tow service. Its a piece of junk and doesn’t look like anyone wants to take it due to being trashed/low value. Any tips on how to get rid of it ?

You can’t sell it, because you don’t own it. And you can’t let someone just take it, as that would make you an accessory to theft. So the best thing to do is to find a tow company that will put the proper notices on it and haul it to their impound yard. Second choice would be to take the legal steps to claim it as abandoned property and then advertise it in the paper and give it away. One bright spot on these old RVs is that normally logical people get all giddy over a free RV, regardless of condition. Unlike a junk mobile home, people think that an old RV is just some TLC away from being worth something – and, unlike a mobile home, they can just hitch it up and tow it down the road. Getting rid of a junk mobile home is 10 times harder than an RV.

Thanks Frank.