Texas 10 acre land can i put more than 3 mobile homes?

we are planning to move to a 10 acre land but my dad said i cant put a trailer there due to septic plumbing that it can only fit 2 trailers and not a third is this true? we are splitting with a uncle so me and my pops are only getting 5 acre splitting 3 acre and 2 acre for me it should be possible to put mine

You do need to be very careful to not overload a septic system. If you do expect the leech field to become a soggy mess and make the whole yard smell.

Septic systems are typically designed to be the correct size for their use when installed. Adding mobile homes will require a new septic.

Get with a septic system company to inspect the system and let you know what is possible. Every once in a while you might be able to get lucky and add an additional trash tank, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up at all…

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The county will likely enforce right-sizing