Test Ads - What is the rest of the process?

Regarding the Test Ads… what is the rest of the process???

I am in Due Diligence, setup Test Ads - received a lot of inquiries (which is great), my question is = now what are the next steps with the interested parties??

Do I respond to the inquiries? Do I engage with the potential residents? Do I sent them a “generic” application? What happens next? Etc.

I am in Due Diligence and I have not closed, but everything is checking out as OK - and I would like to create a quick list of potential applicants to contact post-closing.

What are folks doing with the responders to the Test Ads???

I suggest you call the interested people and tell them that ‘unfortunately the homes that I had available for sale/rent are no longer available but I’ll keep your information on file and will call you when I have something available’. They may be prospects in the future - and it’s just a good business practice to get back to them with a response.

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I usually ask them some questions like, if they’re from the area or relocating, just to see what they say. It’ll help you figure out your demographic a bit more, which is always good. #marketresearch

Then keep the names/info and circle back with them once you close on the park to see if they’re still interested. And/Or do what the above respondent said which is to circle back and let them know it’s no longer available but you’ll let them know about the next one.