Tenants putting up fences on their lot

I have a resident who is requesting permission to install a fence on his lot.  What restrictions do other park owners place on fencing within a lot?

Allow zero fences.    

The MHP that we purchased had lots and lots of fences (mostly chain link fences).  We have a policy of ‘No Fences’.We are in the process of removing all the fences around the lots.  It is a slow process. However, the removal of the fences has really increased the beauty of the MHP.Now we do have some privacy fences around the perimeter of the MHP (these fences are staying as they provide privacy and stop non-residents from wandering in the MHP).We wish you the very best!

My community rules state no fences. The lots are too small to divide up with fences and generally fences lead to barking dogs left out all day.No fences.