Tenants leaving after billing back water

I’m planning on installing water submeters then billing back the water and sewer bills to my tenants. Has any park operator here experienced tenants leave after doing so?

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I have a very small park and didn’t experience any grumbling or leaving threats. Dropped my water usage from ~400 per month to ~150 per month plus I get the 150 back - win/win for me.

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Doubtful you will lose any residents but if you did you would only be losing those that could not afford to live there. That is a good thing not a bad thing.
Weeding out residents that can not afford to live there over the long term is a major plus. Tenant owned home turnover should not effect your income, rent still needs to be paid, and will allow you the opportunity to reject any potential new home buyer that does not meet the future plans for your community.
With tenant owned homes turnover it is a plus for the community owner looking to improve the equality of their community and their tennat base.
Unlike conventional brick and mortar rental properties tenant turn over in a MHC should be viewed as a major plus. It always has been for me and I look forward to turnover.


Ok got it! Thank you for sharing your experience.

“Yeah I hope you lose it all”

If I do all my tenants will suffer.
It’s just business. I am neither a social worker nor do I operate a charity. All my tenants depend on me being financial successful. Tenants that can not afford their rent hurt everyone.
I am guessing you are living beyond your means.

Just so all know I personally do not take issue with bobodo2 post. Sticks and stones.

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You have to think that if they are giving you trouble over a small water sewer bill, what will they do with a rent increase. If they do say they want to leave, let them.

Timing important- you don’t want annual rent increase and then utility bill back same time- 6 mos apart

I agree with @Greg. It’s a pain short term but good in the long run. If they can’t afford to pay water now, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to when the next rent raise comes and you’re dealing with the same BS.

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Thank you all for the responses!

It’s a funny thing. I’m sure people like Bobodo2 buy products as cost effectively as they can and collect as much as they can from their employer or even the government. Funny thing, they resent it when others try to maximize their return for time and $$.

It’s all about the market. You are either at market price, you are low, or you are high.

Moving is a pain, and in most cases, they stay.

I would always sub-meter water, no exceptions.