Tenant...Victim Advocate...Thanks!

QUESTION:Have you ever had a County Sheriff’s Victim Advocate intercede or plead for one of your Tenants?BACKGROUND:My Husband and I purchased a MHP approximately 7 months ago.With the MHP we inherited some Tenants that cause police calls/issues/drama.Recently, one of these Drama Tenants decided that he would take a golf club to another Tenant’s Chihuahua puppy in front of their 10 year old son.This event was verified and is totally Unacceptable.Thus, this Drama Tenant (who is on a Month-To-Month Lease) was mailed a 30 Day Written Notice giving them until August 31, 2014 to move.Today my Husband receives a call from the Sheriff’s Department Victims Advocate asking if we could allow this Drama Tenant to stay.This Drama Tenant causes lots and lots of issues (fights with others, butt dials our number at 2:30 AM in the morning and leaves a vm of the police officer finding drugs on him).However, this Drama Tenant seems to know how to work the system.This Drama Tenant is a ‘Victim’ because as per the Police Report a woman came to his home and demanded that he repay the $40 that he had borrowed from her.  When he said no, the woman hit him in the face.  As per the Police Report there were no visible marks nor contusions.We were just curious if anyone out there has had a Victim Advocate call them on behalf of one of your Tenants?Unfortunately, there are Victims in this world, but this particular Drama Tenant is a Victim of his own choices.

Reminds me of the time that an Oklahoma City Council Member called me wanting me to re-open the storm shelters at my park in Oklahoma City. I asked him if it was required by law. “No” he said. I asked him if he realized that it would cost thousands of dollars to make the shelters in conformance with the law and to keep them maintained, “Sure” he said. “Well, it’s obviously a very important issue to you, so I will be happy to reopen them as soon as you bring me a check for the total cost of re-building them in conformance with the law, and then put the electrical bills in your name, as well as pre-pay the contractor to clean and upkeep them” I told him. Never heard from him again. So I would suggest you do the same with the philanthropic policeman. Tell them that you will be happy to let the tenant remain as long as he pre-pays the rent each month personally, and posts a $5,000 bond as a guarantee that there will be no further behavioral problems. You see, everyone has a streak of goodness AS LONG AS THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT OR HAVE ANY SKIN IN THE GAME.Unless it’s required by law, I would get the tenant out in the manner you have already started.

Frank, thank you for your comment.You are correct…I like your statement:‘everyone has a streak of goodness as long as they don’t have to pay for it or have any skin in the game’.