Tenant too infirm to maintain the home

Given that we deal with the “newly wed and nearly dead” on a rather frequent basis, I was wondering what your experience has been with tenants who are elderly and unable to maintain their homes and lots due to physical or financial limitations.

I have one tenant now who is on the cusp of having these problems, and has become very dependent upon neighbors to help her out. I have had other tenants who definitely shouldn’t be living on their own, but choose to continue to do so. Another tenant has been in her home so long, and I KNOW the basic maintenance hasn’t been done and EVERYTHING including the carpet, is probably circa 1970.

It seems like it always turns back to me tho, when there is something wrong with the home (not the lot) that needs these tenants attention.

I always get the “so what do I pay rent for?” line

How do you folks handle tenants who really should be in an assisted living facility or living with family?