Tenant threatening American Disability Act

Am I responsible for an oversized parking space to someone with a disability?

He’s been living in the park for a couple of years before I bought the park, but now is saying I must make his parking space larger to accommodate him. He drives a normal size vehicle and his current space measures 10.3 ft’ wide by 18.6 ft long. I measured the spaces at City Hall and they’re 8.6 ft wide by 14.8 ft long. The tenant’s space is about 2 ft wider and almost 4 ft longer.

Any thoughts?

No you are not responsible. You have no reason to fear this tenant as the Act does not cover private parking. I would tell him to move. Actually I would suggest he rub salt then suggest he move.
How long has he been your tenant.
Is it customary for him to play on his disability to manipulate people.
I suspect he was/is a problem tenant.

Of course I may be wrong about this tenant. I base my opinion on the fact that your tenant knows full well you are not responsible. The Act only applies to parking for businesses, and parking lots such as for apartment buildings. Private laneway parking is not part of the act. Suggest he have someone from the association call you and point out where private laneway parking is in the act.
I dislike people that attempt to take advantage of a disability to threaten or intimidate others.

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Greg - you are correct. He has been a problem tenant, and is always crying about something or someone doing injustice to him. Thank you for confirming my original thoughts!

Your welcome.
I have several friends that have disabilities and work very hard to get beyond that disability and strive to have others see them for what they can achieve as opposed to simply seeing a handy cap. People like your tenant undermine their goals to be accepted.
Your tenant is a leach on society and is simply using his disability to further his own needs.

Try sitting down with him and agree to what he wants, telling him that it will be completed to the community standards by licenced contractors in keeping with the structure of the existing laneway. And just as I was about to leave say , “OH by the way it will of course be at your expense”.
I enjoy messing with people that have a inflated scenes of entitlement.

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