Tenant Screening Criteria

Hi park owners,

I would like to see what everyone’s full list of tenant screening criteria looks like. I would be interested to see how closely related or different these lists are and use them to form my own screening criteria.

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@JCas06 , as per your post:

  • “I would like to see what everyone’s full list of Tenant Screening Criteria looks like.”

Jason, first of all “Congratulations” on your Mobile Home Park!

Below is our list of Criteria:

  • Evictions: NO Previous Evictions
  • Monthly Income: Gross Monthly Income Amount = 3 Times Rent
  • Verifiable Income: Must Be Able To Verify Income
  • Rental History: Must Have Prior Rental History

In addition we do the following:

  • Lease: Month-To-Month Lease Only
  • Lease: Only 1 Person’s Name On Lease (For the income portion we will consider Spouse’s Income)
  • Dogs - Number: Maximum Number Of 2 Dogs Per Mobile Home/Lot
  • Dogs - Weight: UNDER 30 Pounds – At Full Maturity
  • Dogs - Dog Verification Form: Each Approved Tenant Signs A Dog Verification Form

We wish you the very best!

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Even though you only put one person’s name on the lease, do you run a background check on all adults who apply?


@acwink , as per your question:

  • "Even though you only put one person’s name on the lease, do you run a background check on all adults who apply?:

Yes, we run Background Checks on ALL adults age 18 years and older.

We have found that the “Best” person in the household is one who applies to be put on our Month-To-Month Lease.

Thus, we make sure to run Background Checks on all adults :slight_smile: .

In the past when we ran the background of one of our Prospective Tenants’ Adult Child we found that there was a criminal record of arson for that Adult Child.

In addition to Kristin’s list…

I have a minimum credit score requirement of 650
Applicants must have a minimum 3 year work history with the same employer.
I do not accept any applicant on any form of government assistance (this is particular to my area due to the quality of tenants on welfare)
I require previous landlords contact info
I do a visual inspection (exterior) on their present residence.

Mine is adult only community.

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650? Wow, I don’t think I ever saw a credit score that high in my applications. I’m jealous!

Can you legally not accept people on any form of government assistance?

.“Can you legally…”

No it is a violation under our housing regulations. Our regulations state that source of income can not be used and a applicant need only make enough income to cover the rent, we are not permitted to use any aspect of income as a criteria…
Regrettably due to our regulations many landlords are forced to break those regulations in order to protect their investment.
Having a reasonable credit score requirement eliminates the vast majority on welfare and that is legal, for the rest I am forced to violate the Ontario Human Rights Codes (similar to your Fair Housing Codes)
My community is fairly high quality and the majority of applicants have credit scores above 750 and many over 800. I have concentrated on raising the standards of both the tenants and their homes over the past 10 years. This has pushed the price of the homes out of the reach of the lowest income bracket.

Life and business is what it is…


what is a dog verification form?

@stevendsegal , as per your question:

  • “What is a dog verification form?”

A “Dog Verification Form” is a just a one page Form that I created with our “Dog Requirements” listed out.

The Tenant signs the form that they have read our “Dog Requirements” and that the Tenants have provided necessary documentation.

The Form just helps to verify that the Tenant is fully aware of our “Dog Requirements” before they move in.

Do your criteria change if it’s a POH or TOH unit? It seems like a manager would do more strict screening on POH units.