Tenant running a daycare business in MHP

My park manager says that he thinks that a tenant is operating a daycare in the park. He says that kids are dropped off at this tenant’s home in the morning, and picked up later the day.

My contract specifies that commercial businesses are not allowed in the park.

How to proceed? Is this a question for child welfare? The police? Is the onus on me to ‘prove’ that she is running a daycare? The only ‘proof’ that I have now is that my park manager is reporting ‘suspicious’ behavior.

Ran across this and the biggest issue was insurance , they do not allow it. There might be a good chance that your city restricts it to ( i.e. should be licensed, no business permit etc) .

Can not allow it.

I do not allow any business operations that will bring outside indivuales, non tennats, into th ecommunity. Have had the day care situation and simply sent a notice to stop or face eviction. Very simple.

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Agree with Greg to evict if you have evidence, or if they are month to month simply non renew their lease.

Most daycare facilities have to be licensed with the state, and the agency that enforces them is also in charge of shutting down illegal ones. Up to you if you want to go that route.

I don’t allow any kind of business done in my park either. It’s really simple. The rules are the rules. They sign and acknowledge them when they move in and you should always enforce them. Being lax on enforcement isn’t being “kind” to anyone, least of all you or your family. Think about that. You simply be the polite, professional business person you need to be to run a profitable business. Follow the process of enforcement that you have in your company/park management policies. You need to realize that in the end, YOU aren’t making the decisions to evict etc., the tenant does that to themselves by not staying in compliance with what it takes to stay in the community.

You are 100% correct, tenants get themselves evicted by their own actions. Evictions only happen when tenants do not adhere to their signed lease agreement.

Get rid of them now. You do not need the headaches if something happens at the “daycare”. MPH have image issues as it is, you do not need to be attached to an illegal daycare scandal.

Everyone is saying evict. I’ll just throw this out there though - if they’ve otherwise been good residents I would first confront them about the issue and let them know that they need to stop. If they didn’t I would then evict.