Tenant owned home not paying rent

So what is the recourse if a TOH isn’t paying their lot rent? For a POH I’m assuming it is the same as a regular rental eviction process, right?

Same for a TOH tenant. Serve them with a pay or quit notice and proceed to eviction.
Time to study your state landlord tenant regulations. If you do not already know the laws that govern your business you should be hiring a lawyer to do your eviction.

I guess more than state and local laws my question is for a tenant owned home. They own the home so if they don’t pay the lot rent what happens to the home? Do I have to pay to move it for them? They can’t pay rent. How are they going to move it? Logistics of this is what I’m interested in.

That question is going to be specific to your state. Honestly you need to talk to an attorney ASAP. They aren’t really that expensive for evictions, just shop around.

Continuing the discussion from Tenant owned home not paying rent: hi Dominic my partner and I own SFH in southern NJ and are looking to get into MHPs. What areas are you targeting? Are you still in Florida?

When a tenant owns a home and leaves or are evicted they put the home up for sale and sell it. A condition of the repurchased offer is that you as the community owner must approve the buyer before the sale can be completed. If you reject the buyer as a tenant they would then cancel the purchase of the home. If someone buys the home without your approval you would then proceed to evict them as well. Make it crystal clear to the present owner that they can not sell the home without your approval and make it part of your approval that they first pay all back rent owing or have it as a condition that the new tenant pays the back rent as part of the purchase. They would deduct what is owed in rent from what they pay to purchase the home and give that amount to you)
The present owner could also just walk away and you would then need to take ownership of the home.

This is the likely outcome.

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