Tenant moving a home in - do you check plumbing and electrical out before or after?

I have someone that wants to move a home in. Do you get the plumbing, sewer and electrical checked out before they move it in or after the home is set? I do not want to spend money on getting it all checked out and then they decide not to move in the home. Thanks!

You could check when you get a deposit or entry fee required say two weeks before move it. There is reallly not that much to check if the lot has been in use before.

I don’t think the city inspects homes after they are moved in. Would you allow tenant find someone to hook up the power and plumbing (may not be licensed). Or have that done for them so it is correct and safe? And eat the costs?

I hope someone can give a better answer but I would say that the tenant should only be allowed to have a licenced plumer and electrician do the job, and paperwork to prove it should be provided to you. Maybe someon with experience can comment here.


In our parks we make sure the items we are responsible for are ready after we get a signed lease agreement. Things like the water connection point, sewer connection point and the power pedestal are owned by the park. Over time, on empty lots, things can happen to these. Then a licensed plumber & electrician is required as they have to call the city to get a final inspection prior to the utility company installing the meter.

If your area doesn’t have an inspection process, you should protect yourself by having the language in the lease agreement that the tenant will use only licensed contractors. You may even want to go as far as requiring them to use only certain contractors that you trust or at least strongly suggest them.

A mobile home owner typically has no assets other than their home equity (maybe $1,000) and a car worth $1,000. You’ve got a ton more assets. If there was ever a disaster, the attorneys are coming after you. Follow the ordinance to the letter, and only allow professionals to even touch your electrical and plumbing systems – that’s the safest route. If the tenants brother Leroy blows his head off by touching hot wires, his personal injury lawyer is coming after you – the rich guy – and not the tenant – the poor guy. Don’t let the tenant get you in this position.