Tenant is living with other non-approved residents

Hello all. We have a mobile home we’ve sold on payments. They’ve almost paid it off. However, They recently moved in unauthorized tenants and they don’t meet the park criteria. They aren’t problematic yet, just not on a lease and not inside of the park “qualifications.” Lot rent is current. Should we evict or try to work with them? Thank you for your perspective.

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What qualifications don’t they meet? If they are an axe murderer I’d evict.

The old saying, give an inch they want a foot or something like that. I found out the hard way the Mr Nice Guy look the other way approach was the start of the blight I am now trying to clean up.

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Assuming you have community rules and tenant screening qualifications if you do not enforce those rules you no longer have rules. Use them or lose them.
You don’t need to evict your tenant but you do need to serve them with a eviction notice to allow them to resolve the issue. They remove their “guest” from your community and you withdraw the eviction notice otherwise they do get evicted. It is your tenant that decides if they get evicted or not.


We’ve had cases like this as well. If the “guest” has truly stayed beyond the named timeframe (either per your lease, or per the state rules), then they are subject to your rules.

Sounds like you’ve already screened these individuals and they failed the screening. Next step would be sending some kind of notice to the tenant on lease. Maybe not an eviction (yet), as the tenant of record sounds like someone you want to retain. I’d start with a notice to cure, then proceed to escalate if they dont remedy. One thing we do that tends to get results, is issuing fines/penalties. Hit them where it hurts if they ignore you.

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A couple things. Our lease has a clause that if someone is moved in, there is a (specified) monthly charge for them. It is also required that thay complete an application, pay the app fee, and pass the same application required of new residents. You can’t let crap like that slide. Otherwise others will be doing it, and before you know it you have police calls to your park.

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It’s a lady (47) with a felony prostitition on her record and a felony drug possession and her 29 year old son who has no rental history.

It has been a full month since you asked our advice. After a given period of time they automaticly become qualified tenants if you know they are there and do not act to evict. Doing nothing is the same as approving them.


Send them a letter stating they have unauthorized occupants and If they want to add them to the lease they’ll have to go through the rental application process. If they ignore the notice then move to evict them all.

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