Tenant in jail on domestic violence charges


Tenant is in jail on domestic violence charges. How should I get him evicted? This is in OHIO state.

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Read through your state landlord tenant regulations and determine if there is or is not grounds to evict. The details will be there.
If there is a spouse remaining in the home she should be applying for a warrant to give him the boot and you will not need to do anything. If the spouse does not file to keep him out then you have no grounds to evict. Domestic violence is none of your business beyond allowing the wife to break her lease and move out. If she leaves you simply none renew the lease.


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His wife already left the place. Dont know where she is.

If she has left you need to determine whether he will be staying and if so do your community rules or the state codes give you grounds to evict or non renew. In the interim someone needs to be paying the rent. You need to make a effort to track her down through other residents/friends. If rent is not paid you have grounds to evict or you prevent the sale of the home by not approving a buyer until it is paid.