Tenant correspondence

I currently use Rentmanager and use their VPO to send our tenant statements. It takes about ten day to get them delivered. I’m curious what others use for sending out monthly rent statements and other correspondence? I’d like to find a better way to deliver tenant statements.

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RM has a tenant portal, which provides tenants with all of their balance information. Why do you deem it necessary to deliver tenant statements every month? We will send out letters only to tenants who have a balance.

As for correspondence, if our managers are unable to contact the resident, we call or text. The majority of our tenants like this method of communication. They know that we will not respond outside of business hours. These methods receive the fastest responses times.

Hope this helps!

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Are there variable charges added to the bill each month (water, electric, fines for breaking park rules)?

Most (all) of the residents in the MHPs I work currently pay in cash. Some do check, some autopay. I think it would be interesting to be able to send a monthly reminder text, voicemail, or both telling residents what their rent amount is and when it is due. All residents have a cellular phone (even if it isn’t a smartphone).