Tenant abandoned home (Greentree is the lien holder)

A tenant who, according to her daughters, can no longer live by herself has abandoned her home and not paid lot rent. I’m having a hard time finding Greentree’s address where I can send them a notice of non-payment for rent. Can anyone that has experience with this help me with the address? This is the first time we’ve had to deal with this type of situation so I’d be grateful for information or guidance from anyone with experience?  I’m not exactly sure if I should be putting a lien on the home right away or just sending the letter??TIAChrista

Christa,I don’t know where you live, but find out who the local Greentree remarketing person is (contact for purchasing homes for your park).  S/he will know the address to send the notice (which they know as the Green Card).  This is the certified notice of abandonment and the state usually determines the wording of the notice.  You can also get this from your state Mobile Home Park association (you are a member, aren’t you).Find out from the daughters about the amount owed to Greentree and the address where she sent the monthly payments.  You may want to purchase the home.  There is more involved than just collecting some rent.Howard


You need to send Greentree a “Possessory Lien Notice”. It gives them 10 days to pull the home or start paying lot rent. Then you call Greentree (now that they are on notice) and see if you can cut a deal to either buy the home or try to re-sell it for them on location (which saves them the cost of pulling it out).

Christa, in South Carolina our Mobile Homes have Vehicle Titles through the SC DMV.Thus, in order to start the Abandoned Mobile Home process for the Magistrate’s Office in South Carolina you must send the South Carolina Department Of Motor Vehicles a filled out Abandoned Vehicle Form and a Fee.The South Carolina Department Of Motor Vehicles will then process your request and send you the following:-  Name & Address Of Mobile Home Title Owner-  Name & Address Of Any LeinsOnce you receive the above information you must send Certified/Return Receipt Requested Letters to them advising them that they have Abandoned the Mobile Home.However, before the above steps are taken you will want to do the following first:1.)  Eviction:  Go through the entire Eviction Process2.)  30 Days Abandoned:  The Mobile Home must be abandoned for at least 30 daysWe wish you the very best!

I’ve been looking around on this.Abandoned = no one living in it -or- Abandoned = no one paying for it I’ve been looking at the DMV mechanics lien process in Illinois and since it’s written as if for a motor vehicle, it says “After 60 days has lapsed without service payment, the mechanic lienholder must send a certified letter to the owner(s) and lienholder(s) of the vehicle.” If I expected any response I might wait 60 days from the day the tenants were removed. However in this case where the thing is more of a burden than an asset I’m thinking about counting 60 days from last payment to speed up the process. 

GreenTree: (866) 901-6107Shauntell is in the Repo Department on x54582.Best,-jl-

Thanks, Everyone! Sent the certified letter to Greentree for the rent and am working with my attorney on the lien since it’s the first time I’ve been through this.