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I live in Alabama. I am interested in speaking with someone who handles rental property and Mobile Home Park Tax Preparation. Thanks, Deborah

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Am I asking my question in a confusing manner? Is there anyone out there using someone to fill out your taxes that you are pleased with and who is familiar with handling rental properties tax prep paperwork?

Hi Steelstampede,

I recently got an email from a request I posted on the same subject. Her name is Ellen Brenn and she has set up a business doing accounting for MHPs. I am planning on speaking with her at the MHM 6 next weekend in Austin.

Her email address is:

Drop her an email mail and I am sure she will be able to help you.




Ellen operates a park in Alabama with her husband (which should make things easier for you being in the same state) and has a blog on this site that you might also want to check out.

John Hyre is my tax accountant. He’s also an attorney and a mobile home park owner. This will be my first season with him (and my taxes are late - my fault, not his), so I can’t say definitively how things will work out with him, but he seems good so far. He’s also a ‘guru’ and travels the lecture circuit.

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Thank You, I appreciate the information and your response. Have A Great Day.



Thanks for the referral. It means alot to us, and it means our systems are working. I have had past issues with timliness and workload, basically because I was too bullheaded & slow to hire good help. Anyone who has read the “E-Myth” will know what I am talking about, just call me the “pie-lady”. So far, the benefits of employees have far outweighed the downsides…if things continue to hum along as they have for the past year & a half, I may have the time to go add a second park to our portfolio. We have one north of Muncie, Indiana with which we are quite pleased.


I received & responded to your email, FYI. Thanks!

John Hyre

I have answered Deborah off-line, but for everyone’s information I do NOT do taxes (or payroll). My services involve having your QuickBooks information professionally ready for a CPA - I send my own to a CPA as well. I fully believe that everyone who owns a business should have someone else prepare their taxes - tax laws change continually, and a tax professional is in tune with everything that comes out from the IRS.

I currently added a new client with one park already purchased and another in the pipeline. That maxes out my ability to handle outside accounts. One thing I don’t want to do is have a true job again! I can currently decide to go home, attend MHM and MOM events as well as cruises without having to answer to anyone.

Thanks for the referrals above. It is appreciated.