Tamper-proof natural gas valves

Does anyone have experience with installing tamper-proof (ie able to be locked) shut off valves on their natural gas meters? This seems like it slowly becoming a mandate from local regulators.

Quotes we’ve received for parts and labor are exorbitantly high, so I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a creative solution to make their existing valves lockable and tamper proof?

I dont have experience with this, but I would see what it would take for a plumber to install a bunch of these: https://www.amazon.com/NPT-Stainless-Steel-Ball-Valve/dp/B0734GT6W2/

Threading galvanized pipe and putting one of these on is not really rocket science - not any moreso than installing a new water sub-meter.

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I would try something like this. If you drilled a hole on both sides the same size as the pipe, I think this would work. It is only plastic, so it will only keep a honest person honest.
Is this a requirement for an empty space? We are just required to have a cap or plug on the riser.

I bet you could make something with a hinge and some sheet metal
Good luck