Taking Title To A Mobile Home In Our Community

Friends -

I’ve got a homeowner who is not paying his lot rent. Not sure if I want to repossess the home and Lonnie-deal it, or scrap it, but the first step will be getting title to the home. I don’t even know the VIN number (it’s inside the home, which I do not have access to).

I wanted to hear from folks that have gone through this before to get your tips on how to do this quickly and cheaply (preferrably without involving attorneys).



Question: Are you the lien holder on the title? If so, then you should have the title. If not, then I don’t know how you are going to reposess something you did not have in the first place.

Another question: Is the guy still living there or is the home vacant? If it’s vacant, can you offer to forgive all back lot rent and any late fees in exchange for the title?

I think you need to evict the home, attach a judgement to the guy for the back lot rent and accept the title to the home in lieu of payment for the judgement. Barring that:

I’ve personally tried quite a few different tricks. Offering them money to leave has been my most effective.

Any information I’ve ever wanted off a title, (VIN number, year, make, title holder, address, taxes owed, pretty much anything…) I have just called the auditor and asked. They have never asked who I was, they just gave me the info I needed. I don’t know if the person at my local auditors office is just a moron, or if this stuff is public record. I’ve never asked, and I’ve never been denied any info. also, I’m in Ohio, so there may be different rules here than where you are…

If the guy is stubborn and won’t work with you, you just might have to go the eviction route, which I assume will take some time, so you should at least get it started now. You can always cancel later if you come up with a different plan of attack.

Good Luck

Jefferson, I’m sure that Oklahoma procedures will differ somewhat from Missouri but here are the steps that I take. 1.) get serial # (it is stamped on header plate of frame-above hitch- probably hard to find under rust and dirt - use wire brush & then spray paint area let paint dry - use sander to sand off paint from flat surface of plate and voila numbers will be ledgible)

2.)get title application fill in info and apply for abandoned title at DMV

This process will flush out those that have interest in home (owners-lienholders) if they are un-responsive state will issue you a title. If owners do respond you will need to switch tactics by placing lien on home and bringing suit against them.

I don’t know about any other place but here it georgia I could not do abandonment spent 2 yrs trying only to be refused at court. I suceeded by asking the county to call in the tax lien and sell it on court house steps. I bought the lien for pennies on the dollar, 2000 pennies to be exact. Yes I mean 20 bucks. Here in georgia you get a new title to Mobile Home when bought for taxes. There is no right of redemption on personal prop.



For Oklahoma you have to do what is called Title 42 for that. Here is a link to the information on it from the state:


Jefferson, I would evict him no matter what, No Pain no Gain!

If the guy does not pay he has to go… no questions ask.

In the other hand I do understand that having an abandon home in your property is even worst than a non payer, but I am sure that in Oklahoma you can do something. Other tenants or homeowners probably know that he is not paying and getting away with it. Sent the right message to your community members. Lot rent has to be paid first!!

Here in Florida you can literally get a new title of the home if you have the writ t of possession from the court. It is not an easy task but is not impossible. I have done it on 5 abandoned homes and it worked out good for me.

If you are interested I can tell you how we did it here. email me javifla@gmail.com