Taking Credit Cards for old homes

Is anyone setup to accept credit cards for the purchase of a home? I will have a few older homes coming up for sale that range $10-14K. I believe that are too old and low for most Chattel lenders. Thinking about setting up a merchant account for an easy transaction to sell the homes. Not sure if a good idea or not???

Could work, I’ve never taken that large of a payment but I’m sure Buildium, Rent Manager, whatever platform you use could handle it… make sure to account for fees. I’d also consider the implications if the buyer were to dispute the charge a month or two down the line… maybe hold title for 3 months after sale or something?

Where are your homes at?

I have taken Credit cards for homes before.

  1. Make sure you know how much the CC company charges. Pass the fee along to the buyer.
  2. Do not transfer the title until the Chargeback period ends. Credit Cards are not guaranteed funds.

One of the easiest companies to sign up with to accept CC is Intuit.

I like using Intuit because I can set folks up with an automatic recurring charge.